Eve and the Faders: A Novel

Greetings, readers of the Evolving Man Project. The purpose of this site is to explore what it means to be an evolved man. An evolved man is a man who has flaws but learns from his mistakes. A man that picks himself up after he falls down. A man that supports his partner, family, friends, and community. A man who uplifts others and encourage people to be leaders. A man who tries every day to become a better man. That’s is a lifelong process. Thus, the name Evolving Man  Project. 

An evolved man is also one of many talents or at least a man who fosters their creative side no matter what they create. Creativity is one of the most human things we can do. So, in 2021, I’m releasing my first novel co-written with my lovely and brilliant partner, Berneta L. Haynes. It’s called Eve and the Faders. Cover art is by yours truly! Check it out, and thanks for all the support over the years! 

The first time it happened, Eve almost killed a kid.

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That’s when she learned the importance of secrecy—after all, it was nobody’s business that she could disappear or break most things with her bare hands. Years later, she lives an ordinary life as a high school English teacher, with a bank account as bleak as her social life and nobody aware of her special gift. As it turns out, an ordinary life sort of sucks.

When she receives a lucrative offer to join the Special Procurements Initiative, she learns of the existence of others like her—faders. Desperate for money, she accepts the offer. Everything seems to be looking up for once, that is, until an incident during training results in a mysterious murder. Now she’s a fugitive on a quest to uncover the truth about the Initiative’s peculiar interest in faders. After spending her whole life living in secrecy, can she hide long enough to expose the Initiative and free herself…?

Thoughtful and visceral, Eve and the Faders takes readers on a journey that forces us to reckon with our own understanding of power and freedom.

Eve and the Faders is available in paperback and electronic format!

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About the Authors

Berneta L. Haynes was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas but has lived everywhere from Missouri, England, Iowa, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Her first novel, Landrien Moriset, debuted in 2015. An environmental attorney and founding editor of Waking Writer, Berneta lives in Atlanta with her partner and co-author, Lornett B. Vestal. A Chicago native, Lornett served in the U.S. Navy and traveled the world before attending the University of Chicago. An environmentalist, social worker, and politics junkie, he runs the Evolving Man Project, a website centered on promoting social change through insightful discussion, activism, and idea sharing. Eve and the Faders is Lornett’s debut novel. They are both working on upcoming speculative fiction and blogging joyously.

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