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The Military Industrial Complex Question Culture

The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined. Over half of all discretionary spending, and roughly 15% of all tax dollars, are spent on the military. Driven by defense contractors need for more profit, this has led to endless war, environmental destruction, and the gutting of all other vital government programs. On this episode Brian & Lornett discuss the expansion of the U.S. military post WW2, the financial motivations for this expansion, the revolving door between weapons contractors and the government, and possibly ways to reign in the obscene military budget. 
  1. The Military Industrial Complex
  2. The Israeli Occupation of Palestine
  3. The New Red Scare
  4. History Edition 4: The Foundation of a Class Based Society
  5. Student Loan Debt
  6. Libertarianism: Part II
  7. Libertarianism: Part I
  8. History Edition 3: The Formation of Slavery and the Rebellions Against It
  9. The Health Care System
  10. U.S. Pandemic Response

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