The Week in Stories Around the Globe

GOLDMAN: Trump is Bad News for the World Economy 


“President-elect Donald Trump ran on a platform of “America-first” economic policy, and according to the economics team at Goldman Sachs, that’s just what he is going to deliver — to the detriment of the global economy.”


A Racist White House Doesn’t Surprise Black People


“Non-whites don’t have the luxury of overlooking the racist rhetoric of powerful white people. And given the violence that often accompanies such oratory, the promise of new jobs from our bankrupter-in-chief for depressed areas is not enough to allay these concerns. If you voted for Donald Trump, I think you’re a racist by proxy. And the fact that Trump didn’t just win working-class whites, but—if you buy exit polls—college-educated and affluent white folks, as well, means there are a hell of a lot of racists running around.”


Tesla is acquiring part of an interesting startup trying to light up Africa through its SolarCity acquisition

TeslaAfrica .jpg

“Off Grid is expert at offering Africans what they want: clean, affordable electricity that can allow them to grow businesses, improve educational opportunity and enrich their quality of life. Many people in African currently depend on inadequate kerosene lamps for power, and Off Grid knows how to give that market more light at less cost.”


See a Virtual Milky Way Map from Europe’s Gaia Spacecraft


“The $1 billion (740 million euros) Gaia spacecraft is designed to create a high-resolution map of 1 billion stars in the Milky Way over the course of a five-year mission. The spacecraft is making its observations from a gravitationally stable point, called the sun-Earth Lagrange Point 2, or L2, about 930,000 miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth.”

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