The Week in Stories Around the Globe

We will cut your throats’: The anatomy of Greece’s lynch mobs

Racist Greeks 2.jpg

“Of course, fascists and racists are a threat to both Greeks and migrants. But it’s like the police don’t care because it’s just another report they have to file and that’s it.”


The disgusting thing that’s happening to women reporting sexual abuse in Japan

Japanese Women MeToo.jpg

“The comments I received were disproportionately negative,” the 20-year-old university student and entrepreneur told a TV talk show in December. “We need to create a society where we can speak up. Otherwise sexual harassment and other misconduct will persist forever.”


Blacks Were Enslaved Well into the 1960s


Do I believe Mae’s family was the last to be freed? No. Slavery will continue to redefine itself for African Americans for years to come. The school to prison pipeline and private penitentiaries are just a few of the new ways to guarantee that black people provide free labor for the system at large. However, I also believe there are still African families who are tied to Southern farms in the most antebellum sense of speaking. If we don’t investigate and bring to light how slavery quietly continued, it could happen again.


Cosmic dawn: astronomers detect signals from first stars in the universe

First Stars

In a second Nature paper, Rennan Barkana, a professor of astrophysics at Tel Aviv University, proposes a potentially groundbreaking explanation: that the hydrogen gas was losing heat to dark matter. Until now, the existence of dark matter – the elusive substance that is thought to make up 85% of the matter in the universe – has only been inferred indirectly from its gravitational effects. If confirmed, these results would suggest a new form of interaction between normal matter and dark matter, mediated by a fundamental force that until now has been entirely unknown.



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