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Why is it so hard for Africans to visit other African countries?

African Passport

Kenya, for example, gives South African citizens a visa on arrival for free. But Kenyans must apply for a visa, then pay a service fee and wait for at least five working days before travelling to South Africa.

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Nikki Haley resigns as Trump’s U.N. ambassador, and speculation turns to her future

Nikki Haley

Haley, 46, has long been mentioned as a potential Republican presidential or vice presidential candidate. Speculation had focused on 2024, after Trump either lost reelection or served a second term, but shifted to 2020 as Trump’s potential legal problems mounted.

#NikkiHaley #Trump #UnitedNations#International


Jair Bolsonaro: the worst quotes from Brazil’s far-right presidential frontrunner


In another parallel with the US president, Mr Bolsonaro has made unsubstantiated claims about his country’s electoral system.

He said on Sunday that “problems” with the Brazil’s electronic voting system had stopped him winning outright, but did not specify what those problems might be.

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The Universe Has A Speed Limit, And It Isn’t The Speed Of Light


There is a speed limit to the particles that travel through the Universe, and it isn’t the speed of light. Instead, it’s a value that’s very slightly lower, dictated by the amount of energy in the leftover glow from the Big Bang. As the Universe continues to expand and cool, that speed limit will slowly rise over cosmic timescales, getting ever-closer to the speed of light. But remember, as you travel through the Universe, if you go too fast, even the radiation left over from the Big Bang can fry you. So long as you’re made of matter, there’s a cosmic speed limit that you simply cannot overcome.

#LightSpeed #Science #physics #Space


Indian schoolgirls beaten for resisting boys’ sexual harassment

Indian School Girls

The country has been reckoning with sexual assault since a 2012 gang-rape and murder that galvanised women’s movements and led to an overhaul of rape laws. Activists say attitudes are slowly changing, particularly in large cities, but that conditions are generally worse for women in remote and rural areas.

#MeToo #India #Sexism #Culture

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