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6 Civilians and 2 Soldiers Killed as Tensions Rise Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir


“Tensions have been running high since Indian aircraft crossed into Pakistan this past Tuesday, carrying out what India called a pre-emptive strike against militants blamed for a Feb. 14 suicide bombing in Indian-controlled Kashmir that killed 40 Indian troops. Pakistan retaliated, shooting down a fighter jet Wednesday and detaining its pilot, who was returned to India on Friday in a peace gesture.”

Bizarre New Theory: Something Tampered With the Early Universe

Futurism Universe

“Cosmologists have a new guess about why the universe is expanding outward faster than data says it ought to.”

Marine Veteran Built Cocaine Pipeline as Mexican Drug Kingpin, Prosecutors Say


The complaint against Reyes in Chicago acknowledged that an indictment had been filed against Dominguez in San Diego but noted that it was sealed. On Monday, his name was finally unsealed along with the names of eight others. The names of more than 25 people charged in the case remain sealed.
#WarOnDrugs #USMarines #Chicago#SanDiego #Kingpin

Only six countries in the world give women and men equal legal work rights


“Gender equality is a critical component of economic growth,” she said. “Women are half of the world’s population and we have our role to play in creating a more prosperous world. But we won’t succeed in playing it if the laws are holding us back.”

#WomensRights #GenderEquality #Africa#Asia #Lativa


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