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US successfully removes ‘sexual health’ references from UN resolution on sexual violence


Under this policy, if foreign aid and medical groups promote or perform abortions, the US is cutting off funding for nearly all health assistance programs, including nutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, tropical diseases and maternal and child health, including water, sanitation, and hygiene programs.
Aid groups and lawmakers have said the move is undermining global health programs, maternal and child health and will likely lead to more, not fewer abortions, an argument backed by long term independent studies.
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Facebook’s AI team maps the whole population of Africa

AI Africa

If you’re wondering why Facebook is doing this in the first place, it has to do with their efforts over past years to identify populations with poor connectivity, so they can then beam internet down to them with lasers or the like. That’s all rather low priority right now, what with the company’s many current problems, but the tools it was building clearly had humanitarian applications and it’s nice to see that the baby was not thrown out with the bathwater.

Brazil’s indigenous people: ‘We fight for the right to exist’

Brazil Indigenous .jpg

The protesters are also against the president’s decision that transferred Funai from the justice ministry to a recently created ministry of women, family and human rights, led by an evangelical pastor, and changes to how healthcare is provided to the communities.

“We don’t just fight for constitutional rights, we fight for the right to exist,” indigenous leader Sonia Guajajar said.

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Suspicion stalks Sri Lanka’s Muslim community after bombings

Sri Lanka

“They’re Muslim, I’m Sinhalese,” Anjana said, greeting two of his neighbours who had strolled over to join in the conversation. “Every other day, we talk and chat about stuff. But these guys, they never came out. They kept to themselves.”

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