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Thousands protest in South Africa over rising violence against women

South Africa 2.jpg

On Thursday, young and old took to the streets, women wearing chains, a symbol of how the violence has repressed South African women. Many carried placards reading: “Enough is enough”, “My body is not your crime scene” and pleading with the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, to act against the violence perpetrated against women and children.


After months of protests, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam withdraws controversial extradition bill

Hong Kong Leader

That suspension did not satisfy protesters, who demanded the bill’s complete withdrawal — making it harder for the government to rush the law through at a later date. A withdrawn bill would need to go back to the beginning of the legislative process, whereas a suspended one could resume where it left off.

Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas damage ‘like nuclear bomb’

Bahamas .jpg

Hurricane Dorian has diminished into a post-tropical cyclone. On Saturday, it smashed into the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, toppling trees and cutting power to more than 450,000 homes.

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles

Plastic Bugs

“You are always up against the fact that oil is cheap, so virgin PET is cheap,” said McGeehan. “It is so easy for manufacturers to generate more of that stuff, rather than even try to recycle. But I believe there is a public driver here: perception is changing so much that companies are starting to look at how they can properly recycle these.”

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