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Coronavirus: Trump warns US death toll could hit 100,000

Trump ROna

“I think we’re going to have a vaccine by the end of the year,” he told Fox News. “The doctors would say, well you shouldn’t say that. I’ll say what I think… I think we’ll a vaccine sooner rather than later.”

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Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus

Japan Rona

The main message has been economy first, safety second: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has insisted Japan will not adopt European-style hard lockdowns that would paralyze the economy. His economy minister heads the government’s coronavirus task force meetings.

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Russia Rona
“Ahead of us is a new stage, perhaps the most intense stage of the fight against the epidemic,” he said in a national address, in which he also announced an extension of his nation’s lockdown until May 11. “The risks of getting infected are at the highest level, and the threat, the mortal danger of the virus persists.”

Dancing gargantuan black holes perform on cue

Black Hole

“The orbit of the smaller black hole precesses. That’s why the times of the impacts vary,” explained Prof Mauri Valtonen from the University of Turku, Finland. “Already back in 1996, we had a model that predicted more or less what would happen. But we’ve just got more and more accurate,” he told BBC News.

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