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Sudan Refugees Face Life-threatening Risks from Floods, Coronavirus, UN Say

The U.N. refugee agency says heavy flooding in Sudan is putting the lives of tens of thousands of refugees, internally displaced people, and host communities at increased risk at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is spreading. 

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Nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful despite Trump narrative, report finds

“There have been some violent demonstrations, and those tend to get a lot of media coverage,” Dr Roudabeh Kishi, Acled’s director of research & innovation, told the Guardian. “But if you were to look at all the demonstrations happening, it’s overwhelmingly peaceful.”

#Trump#BlackLivesMatter #Uprising2020

China’s Population To Drop By Half, Immigration Helps U.S. Labor Force

The population of China is projected to decline from 1.4 billion in 2017 to 732 million by 2100, a drop of 48%, according to a new report published in the medical journal The Lancet and authored by University of Washington School of Medicine Professor Stein Emil Vollset and 23 coauthors.

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Space Wasn’t Always A Big Place

Space may be the biggest thing we know of, but the size of our observable Universe is a recent achievement. Space wasn’t always so big, and the evidence is written on the Universe for all of us to see.

#TheUniverse #Scicene #Space

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