The Week in Stories Around the Globe

US carries out air raids on Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq

“The US still continues the wrong path in the region. What we see today is not only the sanctions but also following the wrong policies of the previous administration with actions they carry out in the region,”

#US #Iran #Iraq #WarOnTerror

Ethiopia declares immediate, unilateral cease-fire in Tigray after almost 8 months of deadly conflict

The cease-fire could calm a war that has destabilized Africa’s second most populous country and threatened to do the same in the wider Horn of Africa, where Ethiopia has been seen as a key security ally for the West

#Ethiopia #CivilWar #Africa

Cuba’s vaccine development success should be the impetus to lift sanctions and end the embargo

If anything, the success of Cuba’s vaccine candidates and its desire to produce millions of doses for Global South nations should be the impetus to make progress on this issue since it’s such a terrible look for the US, which is launching a global PR campaign to prove it isn’t as bad as many people in poorer countries think.

#Cuba #COVID19 #Vaccine #revolution

Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious

“The theory consists of a very complicated algorithm that, when applied to a detailed mathematical description of a physical system, provides information about whether the system is conscious or not, and what it is conscious of,” Kleiner told All About Space. “If there is an isolated pair of particles floating around somewhere in space, they will have some rudimentary form of consciousness if they interact in the correct way.”

#consciousness #Science #physics

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