The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Over a Hundred Arrested For Setting a Billionaire’s Neighborhood on Fire

At 46,000 acres, the city-within-a-city under construction is more than three times the size of Manhattan. This elite community became a site of chaos and destruction earlier this month.

 #gentification #EatTheRich

Canada Battles More Than 180 Wildfires With Hundreds Dead In Heat Wave

Scientists say the warming climate is making heat waves more frequent and intense. The health risks from them may also be greater early in the summer, when people are less accustomed to higher temperatures.

#Canada #climatechange #Wildfire #fireseason

Mexico marijuana: Top court decriminalises recreational use of cannabis

Supporters of legalisation hope it could reduce some of the violence related to illegal drugs trade, which claims the lives of thousands of people in the country every year.

#Mexico #legalizeitalready #WarOnDrugs #Marijuana

COVID Vaccines Will Not Reach Poorest Countries Until 2023

But so far, more than 80% of the doses have gone to people in high-income and upper-middle-income countries. Only 1% of people in low-income countries have been given at least one dose, according to the website Our World in Data.

#COVID19 #Africa #Access #Science

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