Hot Mental Health Summer

Hot Boy/Girl Summer? 

Forget hot girl or boy or person summer. It’s most likely a hot summer bummer for many us of these days. 2020 was a highly stressful year with the rise of COVID, massive climate change, and global uprisings. 2021 has been no different; even with a vaccine and a new president of the United States, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Mask and lockdowns might be back y’all! And still no universal healthcare for all Americans, and evictions around the corner. On the bright side, at least the U.S. will win a bunch of gold medals in #Tokyo2021 so ‘Merica!

Not to mention, outside the global perspective, our everyday lives can be rather stressful too. Family obligations, money woes, job insecurity, healthcare cost, rent hikes, etc., I’ve talked a lot about my own mental health struggles in the past. It’s still an everyday struggle, but I continue to maintain. I’m also a licensed social worker; so this might be the only thing I’m qualified to discuss on this site. Now, if you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, please seek immediate assistance from a mental health service provider

For those who might need a little pick me up during the hot ass summer months. Here are six simple ways I’ve maintained my mental health and sanity over the years. These might not work for everyone, but they’ve worked for me. And maybe they’ll work for you to to boost your mood and de-stress. 

Get Outside 

Connecting with nature provides well-being for people, and it’s one of our most primal ways of connecting with ourselves. Thanks, terra firma! 

Sleep or nap more

In the time of adulting, kids, work, in-laws, daily commutes can make the days can seem long and never-ending. But a nap or a good night’s rest can do you a world of wonder. Thanks to being afforded the luxury of working from home. Day naps have been a godsend. Five-year-old Lornett would be pissed.


Even if it’s a walk around the block, or with your dog or a dance break. Moving your body has many benefits. It’s summer, so the weather is inviting unless it’s a heatwave. But on hot days there’s always the beach and going for a swim. 


I think all people should have some hobbies. All humans have a creative streak. No matter your hobby. Rather its building model airplanes, bodybuilding, dancing, gardening, or playing music. Etch out time for your hobbies. Take time to do things that you have fun with and make you happy. Life isn’t all about working until you’re dead or just making money. I love doing improv, reading, drawing, and writing. What’s your hobby?


This might be the hardest thing to do in our social media 24-hour news world. But during the pandemic, I’ve taken to solo hikes around Atlanta and the state of Georgia. I use to bring my headphones, But now I turn off my phone, ditch the headphones, and walk with the doggie. I take in the sites and sounds of the trail and nature. A break from technology is always good thing. It’s nice to be lost on the trail and in your own thoughts. 

Eat more fruits and veggies

Yes, this is also a hard one. But the more I inch toward 40 years old, my health has changed. Hangovers suck, and I can no longer eat a whole pizza without consequences. My 20s are far behind me, so I have to take better care of my meat wagon. So, I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables lately. Also, I’m eating more nuts too. It’s not easy, and Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is diabetes in a box of goodness. So give yourself some cheat days and I’m not ashamed of loving ice cream like a five-year-old.

Finally, I’m not perfect. I don’t run every day, and they’re many days where I want to eat some Popeyes. I fail sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with screwing up. We need to fail in order to succeed. Remember no one’s perfect, and you don’t have to be perfect. These are just some simple ways to maintain a bit of sanity in what seems like an insane world. Like my man Weezy once said, ‘Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand.” So let’s make this your hottest summer yet! 

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