The Week in Stories Across the Globe

Afghan central bank moves to stabilise collapsing currency

The abrupt withdrawal of foreign aid following the Taliban victory in August has left Afghanistan’s fragile economy on the brink of collapse, with prices for food, fuel and other basic staples rising rapidly out of reach for many.

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Feds bust ‘modern-day slavery’ ring amid new immigration enforcement effort

At least two workers died under the working conditions, another was repeatedly raped, while others were kidnapped and threatened with death, according to the allegations in the indictment. Workers were also forced to work at gunpoint, the court documents say, earning 20 cents for each bucket of onions they dug up with their hands. Some were sold to farms in other states. 

#migrantworkers #migrantes #Capitalism #georgia

Shadow payment system on rise among European people smugglers

The British and French governments have emphasised the need for action against criminal gangs. Some academics and non-governmental organisations say that masks what they consider to be an underlying problem: there are only limited options for legally claiming asylum in Britain, which fuels illegal migration and creates the demand for smugglers.

#refugees #greatbritain #unitedkingdom #france

Cleared tropical forests can regain ground surprisingly fast

Overall, “recovery was way faster than we expected it to be,” Poorter says. Seeds and stumps that remained after clearing probably accelerated the process. Recovery time could be slower on land that has experienced more intense agricultural use, he says, but protecting regrowing forests can be a “cheap, natural solution,” to help address the climate and biodiversity crises.

#climatechange #nature #Forest #regrowth

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