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Slain Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh laid to rest

Thousands of people gathered for Abu Akleh’s funeral on Friday, including family, friends, and those who only knew Abu Akleh as a mainstay for 15 years in Al Jazeera’s coverage of the occupied Palestinian territories and the lives of everyday Palestinians

#Palestine #ShireenAbuAkleh #Israel

Prison riot kills dozens, over 100 escape

Our commitment to restore order in prisons is firm. An example of this is the actions by the Interior Ministry and Ecuador Police which conducted an immediate transfer of 6 leaders of criminal gangs,”

#Ecuador #Prison #LatinAmerican #Riot

Ukraine war: Finland’s leaders back joining Nato ‘without delay’

LEIPHEIM, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 21: A Finnish soldier patrols a military checkpoint on November 21, 2006 in Leipheim near Ulm, Germany. Germany, the Netherlands and Finland are working together to strengthen European rapid response capabilities, based on the EU (European Union) Battlegroups concept, by providing a fully operational, multinational military unit for the EU during the first half of 2007. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

As candidate countries are not covered by Nato’s Article 5 mutual defence agreement, both Finland and Sweden have sought assurances from Nato members that they would be protected while awaiting full membership.

#Finland #NATO #UKraine #war

We are the only humans in the universe

The Universe is so huge, and the worlds within it so numerous, that it seems like anything is possible. But the laws of physics and chemistry are the same everywhere. We are chemically connected to the rest of the cosmos, sharing the same basis for life as any other hypothetical living thing. Yet we are unique. There can be no other humans in the Universe.

#theuniverse #Humanity #Science #aliens

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