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After ceasefire, battered Palestinians recall Israeli ‘massacre’

“I was a mother of four children. Today my children have become three in the blink of an eye. My son was very obedient, kind-hearted and excelled in his studies despite our difficult circumstances,” she said. “Why are we in Gaza exposed to all this? We can lose our children at any moment and at any minute as if our lives are worthless.”

#GazaUnderAttack #israel #FreePalestine

Indians forced to buy national flag in return for food rations, says opposition

“This is a government order from the top,” the shopkeeper says. “I have been told by my boss not to give rations to those who refuse to buy the flag.”

#India #patriotism #poverty #Nationalism

Rivers to run ‘exceptionally’ low in central and southern England

Following England’s driest July since 1935, below normal levels in waterways – a lifeline for people, plants and animals – look likely to last until November for much of the UK, a study of Britain’s water cycle has warned.

#UK #climatecrisis #climatechange #drought

We were wrong: all stars don’t have planets, after all

After viewing more than 100,000 stars for years at a time, looking for planetary transits, the Kepler mission reached a startling conclusion: practically all stars have at least one planet. But a closer look at the data of where planets exist shows something shocking: of the first 5000+ exoplanets discovered, 99.9% of them are found around metal-rich stars; metal-poor stars are overwhelmingly planet-free. This tells us that a large fraction of stars in the Universe never had planets, and that it took billions of years of cosmic evolution for rocky, potentially habitable planets to be possible at all.

#Stars #EXOPLANET #Science #theuniverse

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