The Week in Stories Around the Globe

US secures deal on Philippines bases to complete arc around China

In an editorial published to coincide with the arrival of the US defense secretary in Manila, China’s state-run Global Times accused the US of “setting a trap for the Philippines” and “trying to push the Philippines to the frontline of confrontation with China”.”We are once again being caught in the middle,” says Mr. Reyes, who believes China is just as much a capitalist-imperialist power as the US.”The Philippines still has a colonial mentality – it looks to the United States as its big brother.

#Philippines #China #War #Pacific

Homelessness and poor quality of living is on the rise in France

In total, 4.15 million people are living in poor housing conditions, estimates the foundation, which includes people without personal accommodation, those living in a place far too small for them, or deprived of basic comforts (kitchen, toilets, heating). 

#homelessness #Poverty #France #InequalityIsUnacceptable

Cyclone in Madagascar kills dozens, displaces tens of thousands

In recent years, Madagascar and Mozambique have been repeatedly hit by severe storms and cyclones that have destroyed homes, infrastructure and crops and displaced large numbers of people.

#Madagascar #Cyclones #ClimateCrisis

We are ‘greening’ ourselves to extinction

Reparative justice also means that biodiversity loss would be tackled by guaranteeing the status of Indigenous people as stewards of their land and empowering them to protect it based on their knowledge, spiritual wisdom and traditions.

Achieving all this will not be easy and we will have to face the power of governments and corporations – the apocalypse investors. But through human solidarity and collective action, we can fight back and invest in our survival.

#greenwashing #ClimateEmergency #CorporateGreed

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