Faders and Alphas Series: 2nd Edition

As you know, Berneta L. Haynes and I have spent the past couple of years writing and publishing the Faders and Alphas two-book series that also includes two short story serials. Well, with the release of the second edition covers, we have finally reached the end of our journey with the series.

Many thanks to artist Betty Martinez for her hard work capturing the essence of this multi-generational story of two reluctant super-heroines. At its core, the Faders and Alphas series follows Eve and Aya – a jaded former schoolteacher and an optimistic fifteen-year-old – who hail from vastly different experiences and eras but whose paths inevitably cross as they cope with their unique powers.

Bringing the two core characters of the series to life has been a long journey, from writing the novels to creating the original artwork that became the first edition covers. Betty Martinez’s fantastic artwork elevated what my co-author and I sought to convey in the first editions of Eve and the Faders and Aya and the Alphas. All this to say, watching these beloved characters we created come to life not just on the pages but on the cover has been quite the experience!

To learn more about the Faders and Alphas series, visit:
Official Site | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books2Read | Google Play

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