The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Uprooted in Mexico: the US children ‘returned’ to a country they barely know


“The children called him names and laughed at his Spanish. The teacher didn’t care, he just sat in class unable to understand or speak to anyone. He cried every day and begged me to send him back to the US,” said Aguilar, 39.

#NoHumanBeingisIllegal #HumanRights #VivaMexico


UN concerned about renewed fighting in South Sudan


More fighting could break out in South Sudan despite a two-day ceasefire that followed a major flareup of violence in Juba in which almost 300 people were killed, the United Nations peacekeeping chief has warned.

#HumanRights #Sudan #UnitedNations

A neuroscientist explains the unconscious racial biases behind deadly police shootings

Police w: gun

“What it comes down to is a difference in perception. In the subconscious minds of many police officers, an armed white man is just a citizen exercising a constitutional right, while a black man carrying a gun is an imminent danger.”


‘Pokémon Go’: Why You Should Play



To understand how I ended up in a situation that once could’ve only been explained by psychedelic drugs, you need to know the events of the past week—how my life has become dominated by a classic videogame designed for 10-year-olds.

#PokemonGo #CatchEmAll #Pikachu







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