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Donald Glover on Why ‘Atlanta’ Has an All-Black Writing Staff


“As Glover told writer Rembert Browne for Vulture (the story also appears in New York Magazine’s new print issue), FX initially suggested that a drug dealer character live in “traplike” apartment. “We were like, ‘No, he’s a drug dealer, he makes enough money to live in a regular apartment,’” Glover said to Vulture. “There were some things so subtle and Black that people had no idea what we were talking about.”

#ATL #DonaldGlover #FX #AllBlackEverything

The Earth Next Door


It was just over 20 years ago—a blink of a cosmic eye—that astronomers found the first planets orbiting stars other than our sun. All these new worlds were gas-shrouded giants like Jupiter or Saturn and utterly inhospitable to life as we know it. But for years each discovery was dutifully reported as front-page news, while scientists and the public alike dreamed of a day when we would find a habitable world.

#ifuckinglovescience #Science #NewEarth

Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 159


The magnitude-6.2 quake struck at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), 100km (65 miles) north-east of Rome, not far from Perugia. At least 86 of the dead were in the historic town of Amatrice, where the mayor said three-quarters of the town was destroyed, and in nearby Accumoli. Many people are still believed to be buried under rubble.

Italyquake #Italy #Earthquake

The Ethiopian Olympic runner who defied his government has not returned home with the rest of his team

Athletics - Men's Marathon
2016 Rio Olympics – Athletics – Final – Men’s Marathon – Sambodromo – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 21/08/2016. Feyisa Lilesa (ETH) of Ethiopia celebrates. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. – RTX2MF8M

Feyisa Lilesa, the marathon runner who made an anti-governmentprotest gesture during the Olympic Games, has not returned to Ethiopia. Reporters aboard the Ethiopian team’s return flight from Rio yesterday (Aug 24) said Lilesa was not on the plane.

#Rio2016 #FeyisaLilesa #Ethiopia #Olympics

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