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I’m an American woman living in Delhi. ‘Don’t date the locals’ is horrible advice.

Photo Courtesy ESL 

Because, much to the contrary of that insulting advice I received while studying abroad here the first time, falling in love with people who are different from you is the only way to find real community in another culture. And learning to listen, communicate and love across the divisions of race, class and nationality has not only made me a better feminist and more thoughtful person — it has made me a more compassionate friend.

#NewDelhi #LoveConquersAll #India #NewYorkTimes

Leaked 2015 Memo Told Dems: ‘Don’t Offer Support’ For Black Lives Matter Policy Positions 

Photo Courtesy of BlackLivesMatter 

“If approached by BLM activist, campaign staff should offer meet local activist,’ the memo reads.’Invited BLM  attendees should be limited. Please aim for personal or small group meetings.”

#BlackLivesMatter #DemocraticParty #Election2016

Becoming Disabled


Becoming disabled demands learning how to live effectively as a person with disabilities, not just living as a disabled person trying to become nondisabled. It also demands the awareness and cooperation of others who don’t experience these challenges. Becoming disabled means moving from isolation to community, from ignorance to knowledge about who we are, from exclusion to access, and from shame to pride.

#DisabledPride #PeoplewithDisabilitiesAct #EqaulityforAll

Record-breaking galaxy cluster discovered 11 billion light years from Earth


“We think we’re going to learn a lot about the formation of clusters and the galaxies they contain by studying this object,” said co-author Alexis Finoguenov of the University of Helsinki in Finland, “and we’re going to be searching hard for other examples”

#ifuckinglovescience #Science #TheUniverse

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