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Why the Human Lifespan Ends at 122


“The oldest human to have ever lived died at the age of 122—and that was nearly 20 years ago. A recent analysis of global demographic data suggests this may very well be the maximum age attainable by humans, and that it’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever live much beyond this advanced age. That is, unless we science the shit out of this problem.


Fact check: Pence vs. Kaine in the VP debate


“Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican nominee, spoke little about themselves. Instead, they focused their attacks largely at the two candidates at the top of the ticket, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.”


Chinese-built railway opens linking Ethiopia to Djibouti


“China has also been an active participant in multinational anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia to facilitate the transit of international shipping that was paralyzed a decade ago,” said Olander. “So in that sense, China is making real, meaningful contributions to African peace and stability.”


Soldiers should not operate outside of human rights law


“Government claims to be doing troops a favour, but it’s simply sweeping MoD’s mass failings under the carpet.”

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