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Trump’s Alpha Male Fantasy


“One of the reasons why Trump leads in the polls among men is that there is still an admiration for alpha males in this culture. As I’ve written before, it is this patriarchal notion of dominance that undergirds not only sexism, but racism and most of the other “isms” that continue to plague us.  Unless something dramatically changes in the next month, Donald Trump is not going to be our next president. But it is our acquiescence to and admiration of alpha males that we need to grapple with in both our politics and culture.”



“The problems came to light Sept. 8 when Wells Fargo agreed to a $185 milion fine and enforcement action with regulators. That settlement also brought to light that the bank had fired 5,300 employees over a five-year period for improper behavior. This underscored the breadth of problems related to a hard-charging sales culture that pushed bankers to sell multiple products to individual customers.”


Scientists propose space nation named ‘Asgardia’ and cosmic shield to protect Earth from asteroids


“A space nation, independent of countries on Earth, could be founded after a team of engineers, scientists and legal experts put forward proposals for an extra-terrestrial state.”


Venezuela’s crisis causing widespread anxiety – but few can afford treatment


“Mental health specialists consulted by Fox News Latino said there is remarkable surge of people in the country dealing not only with stress and anxiety, but full-blown panic attacks because of the crisis hitting their country.”

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