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Arrests as North Dakota cops remove pipeline protesters from private land


Although the Federal Aviation Administration has restricted flights over the Cannon Ball area until November 5, there is a police helicopter above the faceoff, journalist Antonia Juhasz tweeted. More than 260 protesters have been arrested in the weeks leading up to Thursday’s operation, AP reported.


South Sudan boy who spent days hiding in a swamp


But with no quick solutions in sight, the lives of millions of South Sudanese remain in limbo, and for the hundreds of thousands trapped in camps, all they can do is wait for a lasting agreement. As for Kai, he now has a chance to go to school, but his message to the leaders of this troubled new nation is that they should stop the fighting.





There is beauty in this world. There is no need for despair, but to fight with the eradication of institutional racism and a fundamental dismantling of white supremacy in mind is a fool’s errand. White folks would have to commit to that task, and black people cannot afford to be naïve.


The World’s About to Lose 2/3 of Its Wild Life by 2020 Unless We Get It Together ASAP


But we’re not completely screwed just yet. “My hope is that we don’t throw our hands up in despair—there is no time for despair, we have to crack on and act,” WWF’s director of science Mike Barrett told the Guardian. “I do remain convinced we can find our sustainable course, but the will has to be there to do it.”

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