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Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there


“A month ago I tried to write a column proposing mean nicknames for president-elect Donald Trump, on the basis that it would be funny to turn the tables on him for the cruel diminutives he applied to others. I couldn’t pull it off. There is a darkness about Trump that negates that sort of humor: a folly so bewildering, an incompetence so profound that no insult could plumb its depths.”


How did the world react to Donald Trump’s triumph?


“Leaders, many of whom had criticised the Republican in the run-up to the election, express wish to work with him.”


The Democratic Party Deserved To Die


“We bet that Trump’s manifest awfulness would be enough to let us eke out a win. We were dead wrong. Here’s my version of the Democratic Party autopsy because, make no mistake, the old ways of the Democratic party must die.”




“I’m trying very hard to find silver linings today. Some source of comfort or consolation. But I can not. Maybe I will eventually. But right now, this, the idea that White people are so possessed with clutching and cultivating and elevating White supremacy that they will endanger and outright sacrifice their own fucking lives to do so, is all I can think about. And if they feel that way about their own lives, how do you think they feel about mine?”


From Nasa to climate change: how the Trump presidency will impact science, tech and culture

PresidentShithead .jpeg

“On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will take office as the 45th president of the United States. Through months of campaigning, Trump has been criticised for not releasing policies on a number of key issues ranging from climate change and science funding to encryption and cybersecurity.”

#Election2016 #Science #ClimateChange

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