The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Dialog?


“When approaching an experience or form of expression that is not one’s own, an individual can incorporate aspects of it and use these aspects to communicate their own experience, adding their voice to the collective cry of those reaching out for justice while knowing when they should simply keep silent. Learning this skill or capacity is a process of learning to „speak the same language“ as it were, beyond words to the level of personal expression so that the in-group expands through the addition of true allies and avoids tourists who simply stand in support for their own personal self-aggrandizement.”


Cuba allies join thousands to honour Castro in Havana


Hundreds of thousands of Cubans rallied for late communist leader Fidel Castro with Latin American and African leaders in Havana the night before his ashes are to be taken across the country.

They chanted “long live the revolution!” and “Fidel! Fidel!” on Tuesday at a packed Revolution Square, the vast esplanade where he gave so many of his legendary, marathon speeches.


These Apocalyptic Maps Show The Holes Income Inequality Has Left in CitiesIncomeInequality .jpg

“Chicago is not just divided by income inequality,” he says. “There’s also a huge problem with racial segregation. There are parts of South Chicago that are 99% black, and other parts that are almost completely white, and the same footprint correlates with income inequality. These are the discussions I’m interested in, when people start to think what else is related to this kind of pattern.”


Syria: tens of thousands flee Aleppo ahead of UN emergency talks


“The monitor said nearly 300 civilians, including 33 children, had been killed in east Aleppo since the latest government assault began on 15 November. Another 48 civilians had been killed in west Aleppo, according to the monitor.”


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