The Deplorables and How to Fight Back

There is no love lost for Hillary Clinton by me personally. I believe her and her faction of the Democratic Party, represented the Neo-liberal wing of it. Their ‘so-called’ pragmatism has failed so many millions of people. She had too much baggage; her campaign and the Democratic Party elite partook in the same Chicago Democratic Machine like politics in this election cycle. They blacklisted the Democratic Party’s own renegade (Bernie Sanders), served platitudes to Black Lives Matter, and ran an overall uninspiring campaign. I’m sure many people, besides hardcore Democrats, voted against Trump versus being excited about voting Mrs. Clinton. Not to mention, her low-key racist 2008 campaign that she and Slick Willy launched against President Obama. It was sad to see Bernie Sanders concede to Hillary and watch Trump win enough swing states to take the White House. It was her campaign to lose, and she lost to a man who ran the absolute worst campaign in American history. But hey the media gave him three billion dollars of free advertisement so his poor campaign got a huge assist. Thanks, CNN!


The reality of the Trump Era is upon us. We’ve seen a spike in hate crimes and harassment over the past few weeks. This is not the sole blame of Donald Trump. Racism and prejudice are as American as apple pie. Still, Donald Trump did fan the flames of hate with his rhetoric throughout the campaign trail. He utilized economic insecurity and hatred of the political status quo to stoke the flames of bigotry, racism, and xenophobia to garner political support. With some of his recent presidential cabinet picks, Trump appeared to have embraced, the “Alt-Right movement,” which is a thinly veiled white supremacist collective. “The Donald” showed America on election night that its ugly past wasn’t destroyed with President Obama’s historic 2008 election win. Sorry liberals, there was never a post-racial America, to begin with. The experiment in democracy has always been hindered by hatred and racism.

In the end, Trump is a wildcard and no one knows what his presidency will truly look like. His win has emboldened prejudiced people, give hope to some, instill fear in others, and give many people one big gleeful “fuck you” to Earth’s oldest Democracy. The consequences of his victory will resound for decades to come. We’ve already seen the political, international, and social backlash of the Donald’s administration policies one week into his presidency.

With his win, there are those pundits pointing the blame towards others, e.g. blaming the election loss on being too mean to the worst of the Trump supporters. Just read the comment sections and far-right blogs and you’ll agree that they are some deplorable human beings. They truly are a basket of deplorables. We haven’t been mean enough to these people. They are to blame for this election.

Here are some ways to fight back…

  1. Damn sure don’t gaslight us into believing the Trump presidency and his words are normal or he should be taken lightly.
  2. Don’t say you’re afraid of Mike Pence if Trump manages to get impeached and fired from the presidency. Look, Trump is far more dangerous than Pence. Why? Trump has the mob and the cult of personality. Now he solely controls the aptly named “Bully Pulpit.” Mike Pence, for all his cunning and intelligence, has the charisma of a wet noodle.
  3. White people who want to be allies to people of color who fear more openly hostile society will have to stand up and not be silenced. It will have to go far beyond some silly safety pins and free hugs. Action will be needed. Black people, Asian, or Latino people will not solve the race problem in America. White people will have to take up the mantle and deal with the harsh reality that prejudice, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and jingoistic attitudes exist among their families, friends, and communities. It means having a lot of hard conversations this holiday season and beyond. Please refrain from telling people of color, “Not all white people who voted for Trump are racist.” Trump’s bigotry, racism, or lack of morals wasn’t a deal breaker for his voters. Thus, they are at the very least accessories to hatred.
  4. Young people and well-meaning white people must hold the corporate controlled Democratic Party accountable and demand new leadership to challenge Trump and his cronies’ right-wing agenda. If not, new political leaders must be voted in to create a Tea Party of the left wing.
  5. We need to demand things that most liberal democracies provide for their citizens. We want free or reduced college tuition, universal healthcare, cheaper childcare, quality education, curb climate change and a living wage for all. Many Americans already agree with all these policy proposals. So, we need to demand socially responsible corporations and a government that works for all people, not just a select few. There are those who say America can’t do this because we are too big or too diverse. If you believe that, you must realize that America was never great, to begin with, and if we can’t do these things for all people then America will never be great.


Law and Order

Black people have been talking about race ad nauseam since slavery ended in this country. When President Obama won in 2008, we didn’t see a rise in hate crimes committed by black folks against white folks and other groups. In general, black folks want to be left alone to handle business in our communities. But we black folks and other minority groups must stay vigilant during the Trump era and work tirelessly to challenge any heinous Trump policies and proposals launched at people of color. Criminal justice reforms will surely continue to be just-us ‘blacks’ being locked up for minor offenses. We must defend our communities from the political and social onslaught that has happened since time immemorial, and will only be heightened to new levels under the Trump Era.

So, in that spirit, I’m wishing Donald Trump luck. And I’m going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too. Thank you very much.”- Dave Chappelle

In the end, with the Trump presidency, I hope Americans will see that both parties don’t give a damn about their concerns. Every two years, they exploit our fears and concerns to garner votes and return to D.C. to continue their pillage of the country and the world’s resources for wealth. It’s up to us to make positive changes in society. It always has been that way; change doesn’t come from the top. Like all presidents, Trump will disappoint his supporters and the KKK (because building a wall is stupid and expensive). Hopefully, Trump will not declare himself the Greatest Ruler of America and turn this country into a real banana republic. Hopefully, he will not start nuclear war via a Twitter beef with Putin or President Nieto. If we survive the Trump era without a major war or economic collapse, my hope is that we become a more perfect and honest union. If not and this is the end of the American Empire, I will just remember the words of the great philosopher and comedian, George Carlin.

“When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”

I am sure the shit-show now known as the Trump Presidency will only prove old George right. To everyone else keep fighting and enjoy the show…

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