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Chicago tops 700 homicides — with a month to go in violent 2016


“The 701 homicides through Wednesday marked a nearly 56 percent jump from the 450 killings a year earlier. With one month still to go, that represents the most homicides since 704 in 1998. There were 761 homicides in 1997.”


Gambia Finally Rejects Its Tyrant

Gambia Tyrant .jpg

“On Thursday, in a stunning upset, voters decided that 22 years had been plenty. They elected as president Adama Barrow, a little-known real estate developer who became the standard-bearer of the opposition after several of its leaders were detained. Mr. Jammeh, who has led the nation since 1994, after he helped stage a coup, briefly considered disavowing the results. But he conceded and has vowed to hand over power, raising the prospect that radical reforms will take root in one of the world’s most authoritarian.” nations.


Proxima Centauri Could Be Habitable, and It’s Not Alone


“Even if the planet, Proxima Centauri b, isn’t habitable, it represents an entire class of planets commonly found throughout the universe that could be habitable, according to Matteo Brogi, a Hubble Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder. While speaking at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s two-day workshop, “Searching for Life Across Space and Time,” Brogi explained that new methods will allow scientists to get a better sense of what’s happening on the planet’s surface.”


Bolivia detains airline’s president as crash probe advances


“The head of the charter airline whose plane crashed in the Andes last week was detained by Bolivian prosecutors for questioning Tuesday as authorities look into whether the tragedy that killed 71 people stemmed from negligence.”

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