The Week in Stories Around the Globe

China just confronted the US Navy in the Pacific- And it looks like China came out on top 


The first confrontation between the US and Chinese navies concluded on Tuesday, when the Chinese returned an underwater oceanographic drone captured in international waters outside of the Philippines.


Brazil’s plan to roll back environment laws draws fire: ‘The danger is real’

BrazilRainForest .jpg

Mineral or water resources on indigenous reserves could be exploited with indigenous peoples sharing in mining income – though this would need congress’s approval – and communications networks, roads and “strategic energy alternatives” installed in existing indigenous lands without even consulting the communities involved or the government agency responsible.


Benin to Spend $15 Billion Within 5 Years to Boost Economy


The government of the West African nation will finance about 40 percent of its development program, while the private sector will be tapped to fund the remainder, Finance Minister Romuald Wadagni, 40, said in a phone interview Tuesday from Cotonou, the commercial capital.


This deep-sea fisherman has been posting his finds on Twitter, and it’s legit terrifying

SeaMonsters .jpg

Imagine we discover an alien planet that’s teeming with life, and we’ve only explored an area the size of Tasmania – that’s what we’re dealing with when it comes to the ocean. And now, thanks to this awesome deep-sea diver, we’re getting a glimpse at what’s really down there.


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