The Police State and the Black Community: Redux

Evolving Man Project

Why We Say #%& Da Police

“Get your fucking hands up now!” They surrounded the car, pointing their automatic assault rifles at the four of us sitting in a 1989 Mercedes-Benz. “Get outta da fuckin’ out the car!” “Where are the drugs?” The men completely destroyed the inside interior of the vehicle. This was Memorial Day Weekend 2012, and it was the third time that year Chicago Police had pulled me over.

At that point, even with guns drawn, I snapped at the officers for their actions and risked being arrested or even shot, to my brother and his friend’s dismay. I think the only thing that saved me that night was stating my military veteran status and being an employee at Chicago Public Schools. My frustration with the cops had reached a boiling point that night.

Black Lives Always Matter 

I was lucky, however. There are countless others…

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