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I Gave Instant Photos To More Than 60 Tanzanians Who Don’t Have Them And Captured Their Smiles

Tazania .jpg

There is a Swahili expression “Watu sio milima” which signifies “People are not mountains”. Each time when I demonstrate that I’m not a mountain and vacation from one place to another I see this entire world from a new standpoint and turn into a bit much better. This month I traveled to Tanzania and manufactured much more than sixty persons smile and giggle: they got their to start with fast pics from me and their thoughts ended up priceless! Below you can see the benefits of my operate!

#Tanzania #Photos #Human #Africa

At least 31 people killed after Damascus suicide bombings, reports say


The bombings come on the sixth anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict, which began with anti-government demonstrations in March 2011. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility.

#Syria #War #Bombing #Damascus#International

Guatemala’s indigenous Mayan femicide and genocide revealed in 500 Years documentary

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As Mayan leader Andrea Ixchiu says in the film: “We are learning how to be patient and resilient, full of hope and love. We are defending life by being connected with the earth.”

#CentralAmerica #War #Genecide#LatinAmerica #WomensRights

Supermassive Black Holes: How Did They Form In The Very Early Universe?

BlackHoles .jpg

“The observations of extremely massive black holes in the very early Universe are somewhat surprising, since it is not straightforward to grow the mass of black hole from tens up to billions of solar masses in the limited time available,” Johansson said in a statement Tuesday.

#BlackHoles #TheUniverse #Space#ifuckinglovescience

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