The Week in Stories Around the Globe

As the Maldives Gains Tourists, It’s Losing Its Beaches


“We’re losing a nationality, an identity, a cultural history, a language, a script,” he added. “We’re losing the beaches. We’re losing the coconut palms. We’re losing everything.”

#Maldives #ClimateChange #International#Island

Ethiopia extends state of emergency by four month


“Opposition parties complain that the emergency is being used to clamp down on their members and activities.”

#Ethiopia #Revolt #StateofEmergency#Politics #International

Finding a ‘lost’ planet, about the size of Neptune


“Only by using our new technique of modeling and subtracting out the transit signals of known planets could we then actually see it for what it really was,” said Joseph Schmitt, a graduate student at Yale and lead author of a new paper in The Astronomical Journal describing the planet. “Essentially, it was hiding in plain sight in a forest of other planetary transits.”

#Science #Planets #ifuckinglovescience#TheUniverse

‘Read my lips – no’: Putin denies Russian meddling in US presidential election


“Read my lips – no,” the Russian president answered, when asked whether Russia had tried to influence the vote. He emphasised the denial by saying “no” in English.#Trump

#Putin #Russia #Politics #RussiaGate

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