The Week In Stories Around the Globe

Noose found at exhibit in African-American Smithsonian Museum

African-American Museum

“The noose has long represented a deplorable act of cowardice and depravity — a symbol of extreme violence for African Americans. Today’s incident was a painful reminder of the challenges that African Americans continue to face,’’ Lonnie Bunch III, the museum’s founding director, said in a statement.


Italy refugee crisis: Gangs running child prostitution rings

Italy Children.jpg

Reports children are sexually exploited emphasise need to ensure refugees are welcomed and receive same care offered to EU citizens.

#HumanRights #Youth #War #Italy #SexCrime

Nicaragua Didn’t Sign the Paris Agreement Because It Didn’t Go Far Enough

nicaragua Climate.jpeg

“It’s a not a matter of being trouble makers,” he told Climate Change News the same year. “It’s a matter of the developing countries surviving. Four degrees is not a survival track in the Sahel with the Sahara advancing. Four degrees is not a survival track for India or Pakistan with the glaciers melting in the Himalayas. Four degrees is not a survival track for southeast Asia with the typhoons.”


We May Have Uncovered the First Ever Evidence of the Multiverse


If more detailed studies support the findings of this research, the Cold Spot might turn out to be the first evidence for the multiverse, though far more evidence would be needed to confirm our universe is indeed one of many.


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