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Trump Faces ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ With World Leaders at G20 Summit


“The G20 agenda is set for some uncomfortable conversations,” Charles Kupchan, a Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow, told NBC News. “It will be dominated by climate change, by free trade, by immigration, and these are issues where Trump is — more or less — alone.”


‘Harder work for less money’: public sector workers on the pay cap

UK Socialworker

“Morale in my profession is at the lowest I have ever known it. People are leaving in droves and being replaced by agency workers who come and go. Because of the council’s inability to retain workers we now have a fluid workforce, which means poorer service as children’s social workers change many times. We are now having to work an awful lot harder and most people do over their hours and are in a state of constant stress.”


This Is Why Antarctic Sea Ice Crashed This Year

Antarctic .jpg

“The insights of the new study are useful because they add another layer to our understanding of the variability in ice around the south pole. They’re made stronger by the fact that other researchers are already replicating them, but more minds and more data could cause the picture to evolve even further. The hope is that the steady accumulation of scientific knowledge will help us better predict Antarctica’s future—and help humanity prepare for the consequences.”


UN: Half of world’s population growth is likely to occur in Africa

Nairobi .jpg

“The report predicted that the world population will hit a staggering 9.8 billion by 2050, and forecasted that over half of the expected growth between 2017 and 2050 is likely to occur in Africa.”

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