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Majority of Women Say Their Interest In Politics Has Increased Since Election


For the majority of the country, the election of Trump is still stressful to talk about. The poll found that 59 percent of the country feels it’s “stressful and frustrating” to talk about politics with people who don’t share their opinion of Trump. More women (64 percent) than men (54 percent) feel this way.



Rich countries are slashing their education aid and African children will be hit the hardest


Fixing education in Africa could help reduce maternal deaths by 70% in sub-Saharan Africa if women finished primary school, and almost 60% fewer girls would become pregnant under 17 if they finish secondary education, according to UNESCO.



8-Legged Extremophile Freaks Will Outlive Humanity (& Maybe the Sun)


“Tardigrades are as close to indestructible as it gets on Earth, but it is possible that there are other resilient species examples elsewhere in the universe,” added Rafael Alves Batista, a co-author and researcher at Oxford. “If tardigrades are Earth’s most resilient species, who knows what else is out there?”



Germans are learning to love Germany again, and Merkel takes note


 “Trump had been elected, [Rodrigo] Duterte in the Philippines and [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan in Turkey were tightening their grip,” Strerath said. “We realized that what they have in common is that they don’t come up with the best argument but instead address emotions. If we’re good at something in advertising, we’re good at addressing emotions, and we didn’t want to let the interpretation of what Germany means be the territory of the far right.”

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