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From Prison to Ph.D.: The Redemption and Rejection of Michelle Jones

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“People don’t survive 20 years of incarceration with any kind of grace unless they have the discipline to do their reading and writing in the chaos of that place,” Ms. Jones said. “Forget Harvard. I’ve already graduated from the toughest school there is.”


Nigeria announces $5.8 billion deal for record-breaking power project


“(Mambila) will have a transformational effect on all of Nigeria’s socio-economic development,” he said through a government spokesman, “It will have considerable positive impact on electricity supply nationwide, productivity, employment, tourism, technology transfer, rural development, irrigation, agriculture and food production.”

Japan’s Dennis Rodman? An Ex-Wrestler, Politician and 32-Time Guest of North Korea

Japan N Korea.jpg

“The United Nations, Trump and Japan are all saying we need to apply more pressure,” Mr. Inoki said. “But first we need to listen to them and understand what the reasons are behind their activity.”


 New supernova analysis reframes dark energy debate


Rather than comparing the standard ΛCDM cosmological  with an empty , the new study compares the fit of supernova data in ΛCDM to a different model, called the ‘timescape cosmology’. This has no dark energy. Instead, clocks carried by observers in galaxies differ from the clock that best describes average expansion once the lumpiness of structure in the Universe becomes significant. Whether or not one infers accelerating expansion then depends crucially on the clock used.

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