The Week in Stories Around the Globe

President Trump Inside and Outside the Lines at the U.N.


“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission,” he declared Tuesday, very deliberately from the rostrum of the General Assembly, about the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. North Korea one-upped Mr. Trump on his reference to a 1970s Elton John lyric by labeling the president the “Madman Across the Water.”



Hurricane Maria Updates: In Puerto Rico, the Storm ‘Destroyed Us’


The strikingly powerful storm had rendered an estimated 3.4 million people without power, and with the territory’s energy grid all but destroyed, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló predicted a long period of recovery. Anxious relatives in the mainland United States and elsewhere took to social media in an effort to find news of their loved ones.


Namibia’s Himba people caught between traditions and modernity


“The best life for us is in the village – it’s how we’ve lived for many years, it’s what we know. In the city, we cannot survive.”

People like Mr. Kataparo are caught between the allure of modern life and a desire to save his traditional culture,

“It scares me a lot. I would prefer to die before the traditions of my people finish.”



Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think


Consciousness may never arise—be it in babies, toddlers, children or adults—because it may always be there to begin with.

#Consciousness #Science #metacognition#Reality

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