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Fallen Soldier’s Mother Says Trump Disrespected Her Son And Family


Trump was asked on Monday why he had not yet commented on the deaths of four U.S. soldiers who were ambushed during a mission in Niger on Oct. 4. In his answer, Trump turned attention to the policies of past presidents and their contact with families of service members who have died.

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Somalia car bombings kill at least 300

Somalia Bomb

Mogadishu, a large city on the east African nation’s coast, has endured high levels of violence for years. Al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda-linked terror group, has carried out several deadly car bomb attacks. There has been no claim of responsibility in Saturday’s bombings.

#Somalia #Terrorism #Africa #International

Move over America: China overtakes US as world’s biggest economy (kind of)


However, the figure is controversial. It requires the comparison of a huge amount of goods and services, and is therefore a vast statistical undertaking that can only be conducted infrequently with estimates used during intervening periods. The methods used to collect the data have also led to controversy in the past.


Sexual Victimization by Women Is More Common Than Previously Known


Women abused by other women are also an overlooked group; these victims discover that most services are designed for women victimized by men. Behind bars, we found that sexual minorities were 2-3 times more likely to be sexually victimized by staff members than straight inmates. This is particularly alarming as our related research found that sexual minorities, especially lesbian and bisexual women, are much more likely to be incarcerated, to begin with.

#RapeCulture #SexualAssualt #Gender #Sex#Sexualviolence

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