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In Canada, You Can Now Use Bills With a Black Woman on Them

Canada Black Woman

While Americans are still waiting to deposit Harriet Tubmans in their bank accounts, our neighbors to the north have just unveiled a new $10 bill that features their own civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond.



UN moves towards recognising human right to a healthy environment

UN Human Rights

“If we can’t protect them, then how can we protect the environment we all depend on,” Knox told the Guardian in Geneva, where he has just submitted a final report to the UN high commission for human rights.


Miss Universe In Moscow: How Trump’s Beauty Contest Spawned A Business Deal With Russians And A Bond With Putin

Trump Russia

This was his second day in the Russian capital, and the brash businessman and reality TV star was running through a whirlwind schedule to promote that evening’s extravaganza at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall: the Miss Universe pageant, in which women from 86 countries would be judged before a worldwide television audience estimated at 1 billion


‘I’m white. I can kill you and nothing will happen,’ woman allegedly tells man she hit with beer bottle


“I don’t want black people in this place or in front of me,” the woman, 33, reportedly said. Makon wrote that he tried to de-escalate the situation, telling her, “I will only be here for a moment and then I’m leaving. I don’t have any interest in staying near you for long.”


Juno Peers Deep into Jupiter’s Abyss to Reveal Weird Winds

Jupiter .jpg

These and other upcoming studies could perhaps shed light on a newfound mystery, presented in a fourth paper published by members of the Juno team in Nature this week. It provides more details about previously reported cyclones clustered around the poles of both planets. These cyclones—which reside in bizarrely stable and geometric patterns that defy most model-based predictions—remain unexplained. And any linkage they may have to the planet’s deep dynamics is unknown. For now, Jupiter still has some secrets.

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