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Wealth inequality is soaring – here are the 10 reasons why it’s happening


All of these causes of inequality are within the power of government to put right. Ultimately wealth is created by hard work and endeavour, not by reallocation and redistribution. Yet we penalise labour and subsidise both debt and the ownership of assets. All that is required is a level playing field for everyone. Honest money and a simpler tax system, which doesn’t pander to special interest groups, would fix most of the above.


Iceland: The tourism epidemic

Iceland : The silent epidemic.
Islande : L'épidémie silencieuse.

Faced with the steadily increasing influx of tourists, the Icelandic government is currently considering solutions that would allow the country to continue to benefit from the revenue generated by tourism while preserving its natural sites.

Strategies are being implemented to channel tourist flows, limit the number of visitors admitted year-round, and developing the most vulnerable sites.

These measures may reduce tourism pressure in a few specific locations, but also better control the environmental impact of what is now mass tourism.


The internet’s worst-case scenario finally happened in real life: An entire country was taken offline, and no one knows why



Mauritania was taken offline for two days late last month after a submarine internet cable was cut. No one knows why or how it was cut, though Sierra Leone’s government appears to have interfered with its citizens’ internet access around that time. Undersea web cables are uniquely vulnerable to sabotage. UK and US military officials have previously indicated that Russia is capable of trying something like this, though there is no indication that it was involved in this break.


Looking for Planet Nine, Astronomers Gaze into the Abyss


Regardless of whether or not Planet Nine exists, Bannister says, its unfolding story is really a tale of discovering how our little corner of the cosmos truly came to be. “We will write the history book of our solar system based on what we find out there in the next several years, and it is already clear the system we see today is not as it was formed,” she says. “That won’t change whether we have nine planets instead of eight.”

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