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Confederate flag-bearing trucks park outside Michigan school


“If the motive was to intimidate, that was wrong,” he said. “Trying to intimidate by race, color, creed, political belief, or religious belief is wrong. We have to respond to that in the right way so that the right message gets out.”


The Palestinian women at the forefront of Gaza’s protests

WomenGaza .jpg

“We live in a male-dominated society and women’s participation in protests can be a strange scene for some people in Gaza. However, this time men somehow were more accepting and encouraging. It seems like they finally realised that we’re all part of this and women should be present,” Barawi said.


What you need to know about Cuba’s new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, as Raul Castro steps down


“It falls on our generation to give continuity to the revolutionary process,” Cuban National Assembly member Jorge Luis Torres of Artemisa province told The Associated Press. “We’re a generation born after the revolution, whose responsibility is driving the destiny of the nation.”


Recent Ocean Heat Waves Have “Forever” Altered Great Barrier Reef


On the Great Barrier Reef, the corals that have survived so far “are tougher than the ones that died,” lead study author Terry Hughes of James Cook University said in a statement. “We need to focus urgently on protecting the glass that’s still half full, by helping these survivors to recover.”

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