Sounds About White?

The Trump Apologist 

The 2016 Election was a real shit show. America elected a reality TV star to the highest political office in the land. Soon after the election, many liberals went on the defensive about how Trump won. They blamed pro-wrestling, Russia, Facebook, and ‘the blacks.’ In fact, everything got blamed for the election of Trump except for real culprits: white people. Let us not forget one salient point of the 2016 election: the vast majority of white voters cast their ballots for Donald “Agent Orange” Trump.

52% of white women voted for Trump, while 63% of white men voted for him.

Now the Trump Circus is front and center, from porn stars to sunken place rappers to a doctor who gets high on his own supply. It’s been one long, disturbing year since His Orange Majesty got inaugurated and officially moved into the most lavish public housing in the country. But let’s make one thing clear: Trump is the president America deserves because America has never been honest about it’s past, present or future.


Trump rode out of a wave of racism, sexism, and incest into the presidency. Many white people are uncomfortable with the fact that their friends, family members, and co-workers voted for a man who thinks Mexicans are rapists and calls Neo-Nazis “decent people.” As a result, many liberal white voters and left-leaning news outlets have spent the past year going to great lengths to apologize for Trump voters. Article after article has apologized for the people who voted in the Saturday morning cartoon villain. “We need to get out of our bubbles and better understand Trump voters. Poor, country folk who got duped by a big city con artist. Not all Trump voters are racist!” these articles and apologists proclaim.

“Not all Trump voters” is the new “not all white people.”

It wasn’t just poor white backcountry folks who gave Trump his victory. It wasn’t Russia or Facebook that convinced people Hillary Clinton was a worse choice than the Pussy-Grabber.

It was middle to upper-class whites that made up Trump’s most significant voting bloc and support base.

But we live in a country where white people can never be responsible for their actions or criticized. All of the people who voted for Trump can’t be Klan Members who want things to go back to Jim Crow or worse. We are not allowed to call them out for their actions. White folks can never be wrong in a nation founded on white supremacy.

Thankfully, the New York Times finally published an honest piece on why Trump won over the hearts and minds of so many white folks in the burbs. It wasn’t economic anxiety or the DNC corruption. It was…wait for it…a threat to losing their status. Yup, who’da thunk it?

It turns out millions of white people view giving people of color, Muslims, and LGBTQ folks more equality as an attack on white people.

Why? Because white folks have always been on top, and sharing resources with social others means that they’re not Jeezus’s chosen people anymore. Well, sorry to burst some bubbles, but you’re all just human. There’s nothing special about being white or black. We’re all the same genetically. The reality, this country is changing. Barack Obama’s election was symbolic of a changing nation, a nation that’s darker, gayer, and not so religious as the 1950s America.

This does scare the shit out of many of my fellow citizens. Hence, they voted for a man who promised to “Make America Great Again!” While not all Trump voters are full-on Alt-Right bigots, all the bigots gleefully voted for their orange overlord. But instead of liberal white folks just admitting this fact, they’d instead obfuscate and apologize for the Trump voters. Now, there’s seemingly an industry centered on not judging people who voted for one of the biggest assholes on Earth.

Things could change for the better, but they won’t for two reasons. First, people are not honest and will not admit that they fucked up. Secondly, many people are assholes and, thus, like being represented globally by an asshole. In reality, Trump genuinely only cares about his money and power. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, and he’s helped in a bipartisan orgy of fuckery. In the end, Trump is just a reflection of the American Culture and the decline of the empire.

So the shit show goes on, and the fall of Rome 2.0 continues.  Pass the popcorn.


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