The Evolved Man of the WeeK: Aubrey Fontenot

Welcome to the Evolving Man Project’s ‘Evolved Man of the Week’ profiles. Each week we will highlight an individual that embodies what it means to be an evolved man, famous and non-famous men alike. The world needs to know their stories and deeds. This week’s honor goes to the tattoo artist, Houston native, and loving father, Aubrey Fontenot.

Mr. Fontenot noticed his eight-year-old son Jordan was being bullied at school. He chose to take a path of compassion versus anger when he confronted his son’s bully, Tamarion. He asked Tamarion’s family permission to spend some time with the young boy. He learned that Tamarion was also bullied at school for wearing the same clothes every day. He found out that the boy’s family was dealing with homelessness. An issue impacting far too many in this nation.

Aubrey took Tamarion shopping for clothes and school supplies. He also moderated a peacemaking session between his son Jordan and Tamarion. An awkward moment soon would turn into a budding friendship between the boys. Thanks to their shared love of video games. Aubrey would go on to create a GoFundMe page for Tamarion’s family. That page has raised over 27K so far. Here is Mr. Fontenot in his own words:

We have no clue what these children are going thru these days because a lot of us just don’t care,”… “And this isn’t a uncommon story for a lot of people .. so I spent a lot of my day yesterday by shopping and teaching this young man about self-respect. Integrity. Morals. Confidence. And other things that consist of going from a troubled youth to a great man.”

Aubrey Fontenot went out of his way to gracefully confront bullying and in turn, changed a troubled young boys life for the better. Today we honor Aubrey Fontenot as our Evolved Man of the Week.

Aubrey 3


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