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FBI report shows 17 percent spike in hate crimes in 2017

Hate Crimes

“This report provides further evidence that more must be done to address the divisive climate of hate in America,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive officer of the Anti-Defamation League. “That begins with leaders from all walks of life and from all sectors of society forcefully condemning anti-Semitism, bigotry, and hate whenever it occurs.”

#ThisIsAmerica #hatecrimes #TrumpsAmerica#Bigotry #FBI

‘We want it cancelled’: Palestinians protest social security law

Palestine Protest

Palestinian workers believe these issues and reforms should have been addressed and implemented before the law went into effect, in order to build confidence in the system among employees in the occupied territory. Instead, they say that the new law leaves them facing an uncertain future.

#Gaza #MiddleEast #Conflict #Palenstine


Two men burned to death by mob over WhatsApp rumour

Mexico Whatsapp 2

A further five people, including Mr Martinez, who broadcast the lifestream, the man who asked for petrol, and the man who rang the bells, have been charged with instigating the murder.

Four other suspects are on the run, say police.

#Mexico #Whatsapp #SocialMedia #Violence


China’s ‘artificial sun’ reaches 100 million degrees Celsius marking milestone for nuclear fusion

China Fusion 2.jpg

“It’s certainly a significant step for China’s nuclear fusion program and an important development for the whole world,” Dr Hole said, adding that developing fusion reactors could be the solution to global energy problems.

“The benefit is simple in that it is very large-scale base load [continuous] energy production, with zero greenhouse gas emissions and no long-life radioactive waste.

#China #Fusion #Science #Technology


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