The Week in Stories Around the Globe

How US billionaires are fuelling the hard-right cause in Britain

Is this the extent of the Koch brothers’ involvement with groups based in the UK? Who knows? I have not yet had a response from the Charles Koch Foundation. But I see these payments as part of a wider pattern of undisclosed funding. Democracy without transparency is not democracy.


Educator: In Finland, I realized how ‘mean-spirited’ the U.S. education system really is

They were able to tell us in English — one of up to four languages most students have — that American students know they are all competing against each other for limited seats at university and that they will have to find the money to go there. “We are not worried about that, so we can just focus on learning,” they said. When you think your people are important, shows.


Untreated diseases, health conditions plague Venezuelan migrants

“His infection was giving him a fever. They said that if he didn’t get it cared for, he would get worse,” Luis said. “For us this operation is a great blessing.”But most of his fellow migrants, Luis acknowledged, weren’t so lucky.

An Oxford Scientist May Have Solved the Mystery of Dark Matter

“Despite these efforts, a negative mass cosmology could be wrong,” he wrote. “The theory seems to provide answers to so many currently open questions that scientists will — quite rightly — be rather suspicious. However, it is often the out-of-the-box ideas that provide answers to longstanding problems. The strong accumulating evidence has now grown to the point that we must consider this unusual possibility.”


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