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4 days, 5 reports of hate crimes, and a disturbing trend developing in America

“The President of the United States, both from his social media presence and his remarks during formal White House events, is regularly referring to fear as a motive for policy,” Berry said. “We’re seeing the presidential bully pulpit being used to divide and spread fear, and without question that has consequences in real peoples’ lives.”


Black people ‘grossly overrepresented’ in violent police interactions, Ontario human rights report says

“The OHRC report also found that more white people were carrying weapons in police use of force cases, and that white people allegedly threatened or attacked police more often than black people. In police shootings, 20 percent of white people were carrying a gun versus 11.1 percent of black civilians.”

Caught between jihadists and neo-Nazis, Swedish Jews fear for their future

“Sweden is perhaps the only European country where Jews are reporting a critical convergence of these issues. For example, far-right violence is not a real concern for Jews in France, where more than a dozen of them have died since 2012 in anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims. Conversely, Muslim extremism is not a real issue to the Jews in Ukraine, where far-right nationalists have recently assaulted several congregants.”

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Scientists have discovered that Earth’s worst mass extinction was caused by climate change. It was called the ‘Great Dying.’

“By 2100, Earth could see temperature levels as high as 3 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. Study coauthor Curtis Deutsch, a professor at the University of Washington, told The Atlantic that from there, 10 degrees wouldn’t be “that far off the charts.”

#Science #ClimateChange #PreHistory #Earth

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