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An array of liberal and conservative advocacy groups rallied in support of the bill. For example, the Koch brothers-backed group, Americans for Prosperity, applauded senators for putting “policy ahead of politics.” The American Civil Liberties Union said the bill was “by no means perfect. But we are in the midst of a mass incarceration crisis, and the time to act is now.”

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If you ever wondered what life will be like when climate change makes outside unlivable, Dubai can give you a good idea

Dubai 1.jpg

If I was going to take a guess at where our hyper-consumerist world is heading in the event the world can’t get its act together on climate change, I’d say it’s going to look a lot like Dubai.

And Dubai, for its part, will have to keep adapting to its extreme climate. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi found in a report last year that under its most severe climate change scenario, nearly all of Dubai would be underwater due to rising sea levels.

#Dubai #ClimateChange #MiddleEast

Deep Seagrass Bed Could Stall Climate Change, If Climate Change Doesn’t Kill It First


Seagrasses are vanishing globally at a rate of 1.5 percent per year, Reuters reports, a decline that’s comparable to coral reefs and tropical rainforests. Scientists point to coastal development as the culprit behind water pollution that perpetuates erosion. And, while seagrasses can mitigate climate change, climate change can also destroy the grasses.

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Murder of Honduran teens highlight dangers for refugees at border

Honduras 1

Under Mexican law, unaccompanied minors must stay in shelters run by the Mexican System for Integral Family Development, but the institute doesn’t have the capacity to house the thousands of children now in Mexico. Mexican government officials have placed many unaccompanied children into foster care or have deported them all together.

#Honduras #Mexico #MigrantCaravan#America

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