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Honduran refugees await papers in Mexico as new caravan arrives


“My son was decapitated,” she said, reaching into her purse to retrieve a newspaper clipping with a photograph of grieving women hugging in front of yellow police tape blocking off the crime scene.

#MigrantCaravan #Honduras #LatinAmerica#Mexico


Giant leaf for mankind? China germinates first seed on moon


“Experts are still discussing and verifying the feasibility of subsequent projects, but it’s confirmed that there will be another three missions after Chang’e 5,” said Wu Yanhua, deputy head of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), at a press conference.

#China #Moon #Science #Space


Africa by Toto to play on eternal loop ‘down in Africa’


Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has set up a sound installation in the coastal Namib Desert to play on loop, in tribute to the soft rock classic. The 1982 track is quadruple platinum, and was one of the most streamed songs in 2017, with over 440m YouTube views. Mr. Siedentopf tells the BBC it is set to play forever, with solar batteries “to keep Toto going for all eternity”.

#Africa #Toto #Artist #Art #Namibia


New atom smasher would be world’s biggest by far

lhc new

Following the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, physicists working at the LHC had hoped subsequent experiments there might offer hints of a “new physics” — that is, reveal previously unknown particles that aren’t part of the so-called Standard Model of physics that represents our current understanding of the matter that makes up everything in the universe. That hasn’t happened. But scientists are hopeful that a bigger accelerator like the Future Circular Collider might succeed where the LHC did not.

#LHC #CERN #Europe #Science

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