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Fact-checking Trump’s announcement of a national emergency


Where to begin with President Trump’s rambling news conference to announce he was invoking a national emergency to build a border wall? It was chock-full of false and misleading claims, many of which we’ve previously highlighted, either in our database of Trump claims or our list of Bottomless Pinocchios. Here’s a summary of 14 of the most noteworthy claims, starting with immigration ones first.

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China, US continue tit-for-tat row over Huawei

China 1

A senior Chinese official has dismissed concerns raised by US Vice President Mike Pence over telecommunications giant Huawei, rejecting allegations the company might covertly collect data and report it to Beijing.

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‘No One Survived.’ A Taliban Attack Kills 32 at Remote Afghan Post


Mohammad Yousuf Yunasi, a member of the provincial council, confirmed the attack but said he had few details. He said such ambushes are possible because Taliban fighters are often better equipped than border security forces. Some, he said, have night-vision goggles.

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New theory illustrates the development of the universe may be different than we thought

Neutron Star

The researchers propose a theory beyond the Standard Model of particle physics that describes how electroweak symmetry is not restored at high temperatures. If correct, this would lead to many potential consequences during the development of the universe, such as other phases of matter, particles staying massive in primordial plasma, and new possibilities for explaining the matter-antimatter asymmetry. The theory also highlights how the history of the universe could be very counterintuitive compared to many phenomenon on earth that demonstrate symmetry restoration.

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