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75 Percent of Republicans Say White Americans Are Discriminated Against




The victimization of white America put forth by conservatives and right-wing media has taken hold, according to the results in a new poll from Hill-HarrisX. A whopping 75 percent of registered Republican voters said that white Americans face discrimination.

#ThisIsAmerica #TrumpsAmerica #GOP#ReverseRacism


What if It’s Not Dark Matter Making The Universe’s Extra ‘Gravity’, But Light?


We’ve been looking for decades for dark matter, yet the mysterious stuff remains undetectable to our instruments. Now, astrophysicists have explored an intriguing possibility: what if it’s not dark matter that’s affecting galactic rotation after all. What if it’s the mass of light instead?


Plane crashes en route from Ethiopia to Kenya, killing all 157 people on board

Ethophain Plane Crush

A list of the dead released by Ethiopian Airlines included passengers from China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Israel, India, and Somalia. Kenya lost 32 citizens. Canada, 18. Several countries including the United States lost four or more people.
#Ethiopia #PlaneCrash #International #China#UnitedStates

Russia confirms North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will visit Moscow

Kim Jung Il

“We will come up with multiple measures to reopen dialogue between US and North Korea. In addition, we will cooperate with countries which are interested in the issue, such as China and Russia, to reopen the US-North dialogue as soon as possible.”

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